Dear Darssouna community,
Kindly note, we have integrated Darssouna with our platform “Jaleesa” 
If you are looking for a teacher or you would like to apply as a teacher, please contact us on our hotline number: +961 76 817 019 where we can assist you further.


What is Darssouna? 

Darssouna is a platform in Lebanon to connect primary school teachers with kids in their neighborhood who want to study when schools are closed.


Why should I sign up?
If you’re a teacher, sign up to connect with families nearby whose kids need teaching! You can request a fee, or volunteer for free. If you’re a parent, sign up so that your kids can get education (and be occupied) during school closures.


Is Darssouna for private or public school students and teachers? 

Darssouna is for everyone.


What subjects are available?

It’s up to the teacher. Families can discuss this with the teacher before class. Darssouna is currently only enabled for kids up to Grade 7. 


Are teachers vetted?

No. Teachers have the option to give their ID number or upload a photo of their union card. This is shared with the parents. It is advisable that parents stay with their children at all times during class. If you are looking for a vetted and trained child carer, please visit


Do I have to pay? / Will I get paid?

When teachers sign up we ask them if they would like to volunteer, accept donations, or charge a fixed fee per session. Parents will receive this information before their session. Please pay cash directly to the teacher. The Darssouna platform is completely free to users. 


What happens after I sign up?

We will match kids and teachers based on distance and grade. We will then share each other’s contact details by email or phone message. We aim to contact everyone who signs up within 24 hours.


How is my information handled?

Parents: Your name, phone number and kids’ grades will be shared with the teacher.

Teachers: Your name, phone number, availability schedule, remuneration policy, and ID number/Union ID photo will be shared with the parents.

Other than this, access to personal information is restricted to the volunteer team, who are currently only members of Jaleesa’s staff. 


Who is behind this initiative?

The team behind Jaleesa created this platform because we want to do something to help kids across Lebanon to keep learning while schools are closed. Jaleesa specialises in matching families with trusted child carers. We thought we could apply our skills to matching families with teachers, and that this would be the best way to help our country.


Is this an official programme?

No. This is a volunteer programme to help kids keep learning.


How is Darssouna funded?

There is no funding for this initiative. The platform is completely free to users. All staff are volunteers. 


I want to volunteer but I am not a teacher. Can I help?

Sure! Email and someone will be in touch.